Netfone provides a Unified Communication Ecosystem for businesses throughout Australasia and New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, providing audio, video, messaging, data interchange and control of IoT devices.

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Engage your customers across multiple channels: Voice, Video, SMS, and Cloud-to-Cloud. Transform your communications and drive a greater level of satisfaction for your customers.


With a partnership with Netfone, the velocity of decision making, levels of access to business intelligence data, and responsiveness to requests will greatly improve. Partner with us today and feel the difference in service.


Many businesses choose Netfone solutions over traditional phone systems because it’s a better way to future-proof their investment and keep pace with advances in technology.


These components comprise the Netfone ecosystem. These are integrated as one customisable communications solution.

Netfone Voice and Video

Netfone’s dynamic multi-channel platform facilitates deep insights into customer’s calling patterns.

Microsoft Teams Connect

The Microsoft Teams connector brings Netfone’s global phone number inventory and phone calls into Teams.

Broadband Wifi IoT

Connect the entire infrastructure stack: broadband, WiFi and Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices.

Netfone Hotel ONE

Hotel ONE is specifically designed for hospitality communications, access, and monitoring.

Messaging and SMS

90% of messages are read within 90 seconds, enabling customers to respond promptly.

Artificial Intelligence

Netfone Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to uncover real emotions and prioritise customer needs.


As we service most industry types, Netfone provides the software and network backbone to power the future of your communications. Enquire about our IT-partner programme.

Legal, Accounting and Real Estate

Integrate client calls to your billing systems for cost recovery and call recording. Use Microsoft Teams or traditional handsets. 

Hotels, Apartments and Travel

See the Netfone ONE Hotel solution.

Training Providers

Facilitate outbound sales calls and online teleconferencing video training.

Retail, Distribution, Sales and Transport

Shops, Warehouses with paging systems, Sales desks and transport companies.

Manufacturing, Service Providers and Callcentres

Factories, Repair shops, Tradies, after-hours call handling. Call centres with Wallboards.

IT Partner Programme

Talk to us about our recurring income partner programmes.

Non Profits Programme

Ask us about our non-profit subsidised systems.

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We strive to be market leaders, not followers. Our software philosophy seeks to eliminate problems in the code and make the platform the simplest and most reliable. Netfone wants to make communications easier and faster for our customers. We expedite research and adopt new technology to deliver these benefits rapidly to our customers. We exceed boundaries with quick-fire proof of concept projects and test these in the real world.


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Early Adopters of new Technology

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“As our business expanded we needed to update our phone systems to give us more lines, voicemail at extension, call transfer and so on. I was reluctant to invest in an archaic expensive PABX system and considered that VoIP was preferable. Netfone delivers all the features we were looking for and more. The investment was a fraction of the investment in a PABX. The Netfone system is modern, flexible and reliable. The call quality is as good or better than the old landline – you forget that it is a VoIP system and just make and receive calls. The service from Netfone is excellent. I believe that Netfone and VoIP is a no-brainer for most businesses.”

Alan White

CFO, Solution Integration Accountancy

‘’Netfone provided a telephony solution for the Melbourne Parkview Hotel at a much more competitive cost quoted by traditional vendors such as Alcatel & NEC. The trade off to generate these kinds of savings are usually service and reliability however Netfone have been fantastic. The service in particular is outstanding with no request too much trouble, Netfone just get on with delivering solutions in a friendly and efficient manner on a stable and reliable platform that delivers up times over 99.9% as promised.’’

Andrew Goldfinch

General Manager, View Hotel Group

“Trio Technology uses Netfone for our phone system and internet. The VoIP system is perfect for our needs, with the ultimate flexibility of desk phone, PC phone or mobile access, whilst also giving us a ‘landline’ as such for our customers to call. The hardware is excellent, the service is brilliant too. Comparing a NetfoneVoIP system to a normal phone system is quite unfair on the phone system.”



Nick Crosman

CEO, Trio Technologies

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find Netfone service lacking in the first 30 days,we will offer to cancel the service and give a full refund of all subscription costs.

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