“AI” is the future

Netfone’s powerful AI technology uses machine-learning to deliver insights into caller emotions, enabling your business to deliver higher levels of satisfaction at high velocity: evolving and improving at a faster pace than organizations using traditional tools.

Our Features

“AI”  Includes 


Netfones “AI” engine analyses phone calls and assigns a score to the call.

Key Words

The machine learning engine can detect keywords in a conversation

Visual Call State

Caller sentiment is expressed as one of three emoticons, Happy Neutral or Sad

Management Reporting

Management alerts on conversations that fall outside the desired range of emotion. 

Audio reviews

Call recordings can be reviewed for quality control and training purposes.

Call Tagging

Reviewers can tag specific calls for future actions eg: “training required”

Why Choose AI?

“AI” is an extremely important part of the new communications landscape. It allows immediate scoring of customer conversations, enabling improvements in customer service delivery. Keep ahead of the competition. Deliver excellent customer service with AI metrics.

AI is the future 


Netfone AI will be extended to analyse the sentiment in email and SMS messages

Automation features

We continually add automation features to the roadmap to reduce effort and improve customer service. 

Machine learning

 We are building out new services for computer vision, language, recommendations, and forecasting 

Admin Control

More Control

Measure and improve interactions with customers through Netfones AI and machine learning tools.

Measure and Improve on communications

React immediatialy to problems

Train staff using real call data

Learn how to communicate positivly

“AI” is the future of Telecommunications

Customer Service Excellence

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