Cloud Door Locks


Hello Cloud Locks!

No more waiting at reception. Guests with PMS reservations receive automated SMS or Email welcome messages to grant building and room access.

Guests locked out? NO PROBLEM, open their room remotely from your mobile phone. Connects to the RMS PMS system and others.

 Due for full release in coming months… ask now

Improve guest satisfaction

Reduce pressure on staff at peak times

Flag unusual reservations

Door Lock Capabilities

You and your guests will benefit from the following features:

Updated Technology

Replaces old security hardware & software for door locks. Locks feature double latches and are tested and certified for 800,000 operations.

Unlock the door with its PIN code, RFID card (Mifare 13.56), Cloud, Mobile app, or Emergency key.

PMS Connector

Guests in your PMS system (eg: RMS)  are emailed/SMS’d  a welcome that includes building and room access PIN codes 1 hour before arrival

Remote Authentication

Reservations staff can remotely authenticate the guest, and remotely unlock the door.

Doorphone Controls

Add or remove PIN codes for customer rooms; schedule PIN code changes when guests arrive/depart.

Event Logs

Log all actions relating to the door locks. For example, when customer locks/unlocks the door.

Backup Power

Four AA rechargeable batteries power up these door locks. In case of electrical failures, these door locks can be charged externally via its Mini USB port.

Corporate Guests

Corporate repeat guests get easy access to the building and rooms via the Netfone app

Use in Several Industries

Often installed into Hotels, Airbnb, Rental- apartments, Schools, Educational Institutions, and Homes.

We make it work.

With Netfone Cloud Systems. 


The Netfone Cloud controls door locks via Bluetooth gateways in the hotel corridors.


Each door lock holds a Guest PIN code which is active for the duration of their PMS/RMS Reservation.  Guests are sent the PIN code via SMS or Email.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support

Even the unexpected is covered through our 24/7 support, providing dedicated account managers and fast-efficient service.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find Netfone service lacking in the first 30 days,we will offer to cancel the service and give a full refund of all subscription costs.

Ready to go……….