Hotel ONE Ecosystem


Hotel ONE controls Audio, Video, SMS Messaging, Broadband, Wifi, Smart Door locks, and PMS data with the power of artificial intelligence.

The Hotel ONE Ecosystem 

Simplify your Hotel IT management.
ONE Integrated system. ONE Supplier.

ONE Point of contact.


Voice and Video

A complete Telco-service comprising the Netfone Cloud Digital phone Exchange (CDX), Handsets, Regional phone lines, Toll calling and 24/7 Support.

SMS Messaging

Advertise a Netfone SMS number to receive and reply to Guest messages. Interconnect to Hotel booking systems for Guest messages and alerts.

PMS Connectors

Interconnect to PMS. Show guests record when they are ringing for excellent personal service. Send and receive guest data via RMS, CMS, iNfor, and others.

Door Unlocking

View and speak with Guests to remotely unlock doors and carparks allowing late-arrival building access.


This covers High-speed broadband, Routers, Network Switches, and full internet management service.

Guest Wifi

Fast effective Wifi systems, with Cordless phone support. Ensure Guest satisfaction and 24/7 support.

24/7 Support Desk

Even the unexpected is covered through our 24/7 support, providing dedicated account managers and fast-efficient service.

Smart Doorlocks

Cloud-connected Smart Door locks enable guests to access the building and their room without lengthy waits at reception. Guests receive access codes as messages.

Building CCTV System

Building CCTV keeps track of personnel movements in the building. Motion detection, recording and alerts, and off-site monitoring all included.

Microsoft Licensing

Netfone is a certified Microsoft partner and can provide all Microsoft licenses including Office 365 and Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Connect the Hotel phone system to global Microsoft Teams users for both back-office and reservations telephone calling and answering. 

Router Management

Hotel ONE includes Router management at no additional cost. Backups, monitoring, security reviews, changes and additions  all included.

Why Choose Netfone?

Netfone ONE is a complete Hotel Ecosystem covering most of a Hotel’s IT requirements: Voice, Video, Wifi, Broadband, Network-switches, Building access, Guest door-locks and much more, in one integrated system from one proven reliable supplier across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re continually adding new innovative real-world features and cutting-edge enhancements such as AI (Artificial intelligence) and Microsoft Teams integration, improving both customer and staff levels of satisfaction.

Trusted by major brands such as Quest, Punthill, Wyndham, Ramada, Choice and others across New Zealand and Australia. 

Simple and Reliable.

One point of contact

Simplify your supplier relationships. One supplier who manages all your communication and building access requirements, within an integrated Hotel ecosystem.

Industry Experts

Netfone’s support and software development Teams are experts in the Hotel space, with a deep understanding of the IT needs in a hospitality environment.


Today’s Hotel environment is rapidly increasing in IT complexity. Traditional services such as Broadband, Wifi and Phones are now interconnected to AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, e.g. “smart rooms”. During a new Hotel development, we coordinate several IT subcontractors to ensure the infrastructure is designed and executed well. Traditional project managers often struggle with the complexity of these requirements. Netfone offers a project management service to coordinate all IT aspects of a new Hotel build: supply of an IT specification, infrastructure design, quality control, management of IT third parties, and commissioning management.

Our proven management processes ensure that the IT aspects of a new Hotel build follow standardised workflows to ensure that all IT functions are completed on time and to specification ready for the Hotel to open.

API's and Data Interchange for Developers

We provide a published API to allow third parties to connect into Netfone and retrieve/set data. Applications include Call-graphing, Hotel-signboards, Call-divert settings, Customer-alerts and more. Email [email protected] to register as a developer and get access to our API and development team.

Netfone’s outbound Connector-engine sends and receives data from a range of third party providers such as Xero, RMS, CMS, MotelMate, Telcos, Signboards Email [email protected] to register as a developer and get access to our API and development team.




Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

Measure calls and increase conversions with Netfone Business Intelligence.  Use AI to identify improvements in guest communications.

Powered by AI to boost Guest communications.

Measure and improve sales conversion to increase sales.

Virtual contact centre with a suite of call data analytics.

Automate call answering and after hours handling.

“We decided to upgrade and improve our phone services as well as have the ability to measure our customer service levels over the phone and decided that Netfone were the preferred option. The transition from the old PABX was quite seamless and the Netfone telephone service is providing the high level of call quality and reliability that was promised. We also have accurate and timely call data and measures to assist our team in continuing to offer high levels of customer service as well as delivering increased sales. ’’

Daniel Hibberd

General Manager, Quest Docklands, Melbourne Australia

Netfone had been our phone service provider for the past 5 years and we made the decision to move our Internet Wi-Fi provider to Netfone since Mar 2019.

The experience thus far, from scoping of the project, pricing of plans/proposal, to actual implementation had been smooth, with great service and quick solutions. We now own the internet access and internet equipment to the building, are able to monitor the number of users/devices that are on at any one time, and any issues that occurred with our Netfone can easily be resolved as they are integrated into a single network. We now have added capability to sell Wi-Fi vouchers directly to private residents and owners, with the equipment they proposed easily upgradeable for higher usage.

They have provided an excellent internet solution for Quest Atrium.

Sean and Lena Chin

Franchise Directors, Quest Atrium, Wellington NZ

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support Desk

Even the unexpected is covered through our 24/7 support, providing dedicated account managers and fast-efficient service.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find Netfone service lacking in the first 30 days,we will offer to cancel the service and give a full refund of all subscription costs.

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